Sunday song [23]

There you lay and here I stand. He knelt down on his knees and took her by the hand. We seen some good times, been through some bad. But somewhere between the laughter and the tears. We sure had a lot of great years. We didn’t need fortune, didn’t need fame. Just a little shelter from the rain. Your hand to hold onto, when times got tough you pulled me through. We didn’t need a castle made of stone. Just you there as I grow old. Your heart to hold onto. All I ever needed was you. Remember our first dance, our first kiss. I pictured my life with you to be just like this. You stood by me, I stand by you. We share the laughter joy and pain. But it’s a moment like this I hope it never ends.

Gracias pentru melodie, sisule!

Despre Delisia
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10 răspunsuri la Sunday song [23]

  1. addicted zice:

    Intotdeauna cu placere zapacila! :*

  2. vacitim zice:

    Sunt foarte frumoase versurile…:)

    • Delia zice:

      Ce clip, ce versuri, ce melodie… Imi place!
      De mult nu mai auzisem de Brian sau de Backstreet boys.

      • vacitim zice:

        Ma bucur ca iti place melodia. E ceva mai veche (2006)…Brian din cate stiu a fost operat pe cord in 1998 si dupa ce a supravietuit a scos un album de melodii cu teme crestine :) . In Christ Alone a cucerit toate topurile in 2005. E o melodie „divina” :)

  3. Paul zice:

    ce frumos :)..liiiike it ;)

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